Special bestillinger

Special bestillinger på håndvævede tekstiler i flere forskellige farver og materialer. Kan bestilles efter ønskede
mål og garnkombinationer til f.eks. rumdeler, interiør, møbler eller udsmykning. Eksempler på prøver kan fremvises efter
aftale. Du kan kontakte mig på tlf.: 40 38 38 60 eller mail: 1×1@1x1design.dk


In English

Customised handcraft

Specialized orders of handwoven textiles can be ordered in your preferred color and material.

I listen to my clients’ needs and wants when I weave textile for them. I consider the client’s personality when I sit at the loom and weave. By having the client in mind, I know that they will be satisfied with my work. Moreover, I ensure that the commissioned weavings are symbolizing the client’s favorite pattern of weaving techniques, such as different versions of loose and tight weavings, colors or sizes which will suit their personality. For example, my textile “Tokyo”, which I made in correlation with Kvadrat, focusing on the textile’s statement depending on the angle you see it from. See my textile to Tokyo here: http://1x1design.dk/1x1design/industriel-textil/

Examples of samples can be arranged. You can contact me via phone: +45 40 38 38 60 or email: 1×1@1x1design.dk


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