Tokyo scarves

Helene Vonsild has designed new scarves in moebius pipes, where she spent her own textile design ‘Tokyo’, and combined it with 100% wool in different colour combinations. The scarves are all different, and playing with detailing and embroidery.

“Biennale for Craft & Design 2015” 

Carlsberg City Copenhagen  on August 1 to 29.
Helene Vonsild participate in the prestigious exhibition


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Every two years since 1995 Biennale focused on the best of the latest in Danish craft and design by showing works by Denmark’s most scintillating talents, new and existing, in the field. The exhibition is one of the most important events for craft and design in Denmark and a strong international selection of Danish design.


Photographer:  Britta Egebjerg / Model:  Emilie Kathrine Vonsild Schou

Helene Vonsilds project “The four temperaments” is assumed as one in 28 among 139 projects submitted. She participates with her hand-woven work that interprets the four temperaments into individual textile expression. Applied to human movement is formed an expressive, surprising and innovative artistic whole in which the two-dimensional fabric and the three-dimensional human expression is amplified in – in the conscious interaction.  

Actually, it is the third time that Helene Vonsild is assumed works for the prestigious Biennale, but it’s the first time she participates with a hand-woven project. “Textilet and designed to be able to express textural, sensory and accurately in silence, but also accommodate the design, body and movement merge. The texture should enhance the movement and temperamentets characteristics. At the same time the movement must substantiate stoflighedens expression – and highlight the nature of the fabrics “- says Helene Vonsild on the challenge only gave herself when she decided to create the four body-worn temperaments.

vævemønster og de fire strukturer NY HV LS JPG copy (2)

Weaving’s own rules

The weaver challenge themselves further and set up a reglesæt: The woven fabrics were each carried out in a rectangle in a proportion that relates to man, the colors should be black and white, material selection should be different and not least having basic pattern be the same. “That’s where the action is! When the black and white wires crossed! A small microscopic pattern, wherein the pattern only is communicating. Choleric, sangvisk, melancholic, phlegmatic. Right there – when tempers are expressed only by black and white wires crossed – then the magic begins! In the present moment scans I – yarn is one thing before being woven – and quite another when it is “merged” in a pattern in a texture that I have led and determined “- continues Helene Vonsild.

Yarn true nature

“I am constantly preoccupied with how I can tell the yarn true nature, use and convey the life it contains. It is there I find an ongoing challenge. This I can sit quietly at the loom for endless hours – and all the countless threads that the basic principle only goes one way and the other way. But then it happens! The way the wires are crossed on patterns arise out of the wires crossed by the technical staking on the loom.

And that pattern also seen on the back, and in some cases reverse back, and how a single graphic pattern can change the expression, just by that I choose to replace a quiet yarn with another yarn that is more alive and have more structure. “

Single Silence strong expression

Simplicity is one of the key words for the aesthetics of her designs. She seeks in principle by the simple expressions and looks also a challenge to reach a refined expression with few effects. She inspired often by the materials and the composition of materials – of what they can add another. And she is inspired by nature. By the textural nature is full of. She has mønsterøje. Detects systems in the pile of numerous stone or stenbunkens intervals. Basically, she wants to explore the possibilities inherent in the loom, two keys yarn the artisanal technique and simultaneously challenge and seize the opportunities that naturally occurs in the experimental process. 

Artistic intersection

The challenge in textilets own expression and fusion between design, body and movement gave a natural focus on the actual experience of design and body interact. Helene Vonsild thus actively used a dancer to illustrate this interaction, which clarifies the term that is created in both the whole picture but also in the common artistic narrative. – As each of us can expand on. And that is precisely the craft can; Move.

Exhibitions / Unique projects

“Process” in Skovhuset by Soendersoe 2014

In the autumn of 2014 attended Helene Vonsild at the exhibition “Process” at Forest and at six other exciting artists who showed some of their work from the past year. The artists showed their works, how they as artists and humans evolved in step with the times and the environment, and how a progressive process could develop in new directions. Helene exhibited pads Twist Zoom, which was inspired by classic Japanese origami techniques.

The collection is named Twist, reporting directly to the cushion look and especially Helene Vonsilds ability to process and twisting traditional paper folding techniques in new textile materials. Twist Please show progresses from a small to large family, thereby creating new compositions.


In 2014 participated Helene with the work “Black X White”, the exhibition MiniTex14.  The exhibition was shown  both in Nicolai Art & Design in Kolding, and subsequently in the Round Tower in Copenhagen. The exhibition displayed over 98 juried works by 52 submitters, also both mini and maxi works by 11 invited guests – 7 from Denmark and four from Sweden.

Biennale for Craft and Design 

Helene Vonsild took part for the first time in the prestigious Biennale of Craft and Design in 2007, where she showed off its innovative pillows. In 2011, Helene was also represented at the Biennale, where she had a place among the 60 selected exhibitors. Here she showed off a tablecloth with a unique graphic design whose idiom unfolded between the classical and digital. The concept of Helene was a desire to manipulate the classic antique meanderbort in a new digital and graphic idiom. Based on the basic structures reformulated she pattern with a series of shifts that created new interesting coincidence.

Biennale wrote on the cloth:

“The opulent band at right angles in closed process has been broken by new open course. As if the Turkish river, the ornament is named after finally breaks its dams and flowing in new directions. ” 

Round Tower

In a period from 2001 to 2002 exhibited Helene Vonsild along with three jewelry designers and five other weavers under the theme FORMAT, the Round Tower in Copenhagen. Here you could experience large woven unique and Helene projects “Scale” and “Break”.


Helene Vonsild exhibited works of SAK Art Building in Svendborg in 2013 in a group exhibition with a total of 18 different artists and craftsmen. The exhibition named PROTEIN included many different genres with everything from painting, printmaking and ceramics for weaving and textile. Here you could include experience Helene Vonsilds special collection of green pillows. In addition, one might also experience Helene’s graduation from the School of Design with interpretations of the four elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth in the form of four large, dark suits in different weaves and structures.

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