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As a textile designer and weaver, I can decide the quality of the fabric based on a desired use or look through my choice of specialty yarns and other materials combined with the technical set-up of the loom.

I carry out special commissions in any dimensions for homes, furniture, interior design and exhibitions.

I also undertake decoration projects and collaborate with architects on the interior design and decoration of spaces.

And I design textiles for industrial production for Kvadrat.

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Unique Textile

Textile designer and væver Helene Vonsild working with textile experiments, the meeting between materials and different structures and how with simple means to create something new and unique. She is driven by a fundamental fascination with the potential that lies in two keys yarn and threads which crossed in the artisanal technique, as well as the opportunities that arise in the experimental process. In his versatile work as a textile designer Helene has a special ability to create special structures in an exciting interplay of shapes and colors.



















The exhibition Woven Lines-Threads by textile designer Helene Vonsild went terrific. Helene showed off her close-body objects that signify the balance between jewellery and garment. The objects are weaved over life, stories and moods, where every thread has a meaning.

Watch the short film by fotographer, Martin Busborg, about Woven Lines- Threads of Life: here

Watch the interview on designETC here (in Danish); https://designetc.dk/qa-helene-vonsild/

Body and object

Body and textile together form a new shape that is conditional by the meeting of fabric and human. Helene Vonsild challenges peoples idea of how weaved textiles should be used by challenge the mix of functionality and aesthetics. The growing linen threads are what characterises the pieces, with their obvious traces on the surfaces, in the same way that time and life signifies in man.

Presence and the aesthetics of slowness

As a weaver Helene Vonsild works wit every thread. The weawing process accommodate the present and slowness aesthetics with a rhythmic repetiton of movements. The objects are based on plain weaving, where two threads are crossed. It is a fundamental weaving technique the dates back to the vikings. It is the artistic interpretation and processing of the threads that creates different expressions and moods in the individual objects. Life weaves poetically in the most simple way. 

Running Meander

Pattern idea of scarf:
New ‘Running Meander’ scarves in silk georgette in five colors from Helene Vonsild . She has experimented with shifts and pattern collapse in the classical antique meanderbort also called “running dogs”. The pattern was assumed at the Biennale for Craft and Design in 2011 as a tablecloth. The opulent band at right angles in closed process has been broken by new open course. As if the Turkish river, the ornament is named after finally breaks its dams and flowing in new directions. Dimensions: 65 x 210 cm.













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