About Helene Vonsild

I am educated as a Weaver and Textil designer with a master from the Danish Institute for Unique Textil Design in Kolding, Denmark (also known as Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole). I chose to focus and specialize within woven Textile design.

  • I did my master in woven textiles to the body. My project is called ‘The Four Elements’ and is woven in the same weaving patterns but in different variations of a square and represent the earth four elements. See the project at the bottom of this link.

I have my own weaving studio in Aarhus where I am working on my digitalised-controlled ARM loom which has 24 shafts and uses the digital weaving program ‘Weavingpoint’.

As a weaver, I am competent in compounding the threads both according to the use and functional purpose of the textile but also has the right aesthetic expression. This quality gives the best textile for the requested use for the final result.

I work with a variety of colors and combinations of them to see how this can add new effects, depth, and balance to the design. I believe that examinations of materials and investigations of how colors of the different materials work together in combinations is important to experience. It opens for new possibilities and combinations of colors, patterns, and woven structures.

Currently, I am working more within woven textile objectives to the body. My work is ongoingly being presented at different galleries and special exhibitions. Moreover, they have also sometimes be selected to Biennalen of Art Craft and Design. You can read more about them under the menu
“Om Helene Vonsild”